Fantastic R&B Soul debut from Detroit artist BETH

Hey guys I want to tell you about a great new artist that we got in here at new black music. The artist goes by the name" ‘Beth’ and she is an R&B artist out of Detroit. Right off the bat let me say that Beth is fantastic and she is definitely worth you checking out and your support Beth has just released a debut single called ‘Pillow Talk’, and let me tell you it is wonderful, R&B fans will not be disappointed. It's such a pleasure to come across an authentic R&B artist who know how to convey emotions the way that the great R&B artist have always done. That's the difference between authentic R&B artist and Johnny-come-lately wannabes of today. According to the information that was given to us Beth worked with Anita Baker at one time and it definitely shows in her song ‘Pillow Talk’ The production on ‘Pillow Talk’ is definitely five-star and we have to give the producers mad props but please guys next time send us a 24/ 96 wav files we hate MP3’s Again this is authentic R&B, real guitars and basses and we just love the string production. We watched Beth do a live performance of the track on Detroit TV and home girl does not disappoint she is the real deal and definitely worth your support. We want to see more R&B artist do this type of track as opposed to overly sexed trashy gutta ghetto type of music that a lot of artists choose to do today. We want to encourage all fans of real authentic R&B Soul music to go out and purchase the download of ‘Pillow Talk’, by ‘Beth’, you will love it!!!.

Watch Beth perform Pillow Talk Live !!!

Check out the Beth website

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