Niva the Soul Diva and her Hot Live R&B Soul Music.


Niva the Soul Diva

Live at Shrine world music venue

November 25 2016

Niva the Soul Diva brought her R&B Rock and Soul show to the Shrine world music venue in Harlem New York city.

At about 10pm when Niva the Soul Diva was supposed to go on the room started filling up.

After a while there was so many fans the venue became completely packed.

During the soundcheck Niva's band tinkered around and played along with the tracks played by the sound technician.

Niva the Soul Diva had with her the fantastic guitarist Johnny Guitar Watson jr.

He adds the jr. because he is no relation to the famous soul guitarist Johnny guitar Watson.

Also on hand was her long time keyboardist Douglas 'Dougiedo' Glover, who took over band leader duties for the night.

Niva the Soul Diva's band opened up with a track that got the crowd all fired up and excited.

It was a textbook example of what a tight well rehearsed R&B showband was supposed to sound like.

When Niva the Soul Diva took the stage and opened her mouth and started to sing you could actually hear a gasp from the audience.

It was a OMG moment, they were not expecting such power and precision and vocal mastery.

My personal favorite cover song from the night was Otis Reddings version of 'respect'.

Niva the soul diva tore it up and not only proved she is one of the best vocalist, she is also a great entertainer.

Niva the Soul diva performed several songs from her two album releases but the one that stood out was her rock song 'You broke me apart'.

WOW! Niva the soul diva's performance would make Mick Jagger and Tina Turner proud .

After Niva the Soul Diva did her last song the crowd jumped out of their seats and started chanting 'one more one more one more'.

Niva the went n to do an impromptu unrehearsed medley of James brown.

Good thing Niva and I always watch James brown videos before she does every show!

If you are a lover of great Authentic R&B Soul music you need to see and hear Niva the Soul Diva!!!

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